モントリオール J C F にようこそ!

私たちは、日本語で聖書を読み、ともに分かち合い、祈り合う、聖書信仰に基づくキリスト教プロテスタント(福音主義)のグループです。モントリオール中心街にある教会、Peoples Church of Montrealの地下にて、毎月第3日曜日午後2時30分から集まっています。




We are a group of believers and searchers who gather together to study the Bible, to share with each other and to pray together based on our evangelical biblical faith. Our meetings take place downtown in the library of Peoples Church of Montreal**, at 2:30 p.m. every 3rd Sunday of the month. Our Bible Study Group is bilingual Japanese and English. Anyone who wants to pursue the love of Christ with us is welcome to join.

Families with children are also welcome to participate in our Kohitsuji Kids Club Sunday school (Japanese only) happening every Sunday.

**Please note that all our meetings are now done online. If you are interested to join, please contact us by email. Thank you.